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Mrs. Robert Kennedy tries to comfort her husband as he lays mortally wounded on the floor in the kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel. June 6, 1968.
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Cliff riders duck behind a waterfall in the Pololu Valley in Hawaii.

National Geographic - July, 1960
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Amazingly Detailed Illustrations Transformed Into Laser Cut Wood Designs

London-based artist Martin Tomsky’s woodwork collection is filled with many elaborate illustrations which he has transformed into wooden sculptures. To create each amazing piece, he layers together laser cut plywood into tactile pieces filled with various textures and shades of brown.


Having fun with Barcodes (UPC) codes

Created by Steve Simpson


A 19th Century Telephone Network Covered Stockholm in Thousands of Phone Lines

In the late 19th century, shortly after the patent of the telephone, the race was on to connect everyone to the phone grid. However, due to technical limitations of the earliest phone lines, every telephone required its own physical line strung between a house or business to a phone exchange where the call was manually connected by a live operator. The somewhat quixotic result of so many individual lines was the construction of elaborate and unsightly towers that carried hundreds to thousands of phone lines through the air.

In Stockholm, Sweden, the central telephone exchange was the Telefontornet, a giant tower designed around 1890 that connected some 5,000 lines which sprawled in every direction across the city. Just by looking at historical photos it’s easy to recognize the absurdity and danger of the whole endeavor, especially during the winter months. Everything that could possibly go wrong did. From high winds to ice storms and fires, the network was extremely vulnerable to the elements. Luckily, phone networks evolved so rapidly that by 1913 the Telefontornet was completely decommissioned in favor of much simpler technology. The remaining shell stood as a landmark until it too caught fire in 1953 and was torn down.


"Starcrash" (1978)

Because sometimes, the only movie that really does it for you is a shitty Roger Corman Star Wars ripoff with LOTS of space sluts, a weapon of mass destruction called the Doom Machine, and David Hasselhoff using a lightsaber.

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"I am sometimes asked if I will ever return to my character Den first published in the underground comix Grim Wit. I haven’t felt inspired to do so for many years. But more recently the thought of the simple fantastic world of Den and his friends is becoming more appealing. Will I revive the Den series? I can’t answer that just yet.” - Richard Corben

Canvas  by  andbamnan